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Sälen is the “capital” of the Scandinavian Mountains, the biggest skiing destination of nothern Europe and well knowned for hosting the classic cross-country ski race Vasaloppet. Scandinavian Mountains is an international destination, comprising Sweden’s and Norway’s biggest alpine destinations, Sälenfjällen and Trysil, along with Idre and Engerdal. The world’s oldest tree and Sweden’s highest waterfall, Njupeskär. Femundmarka National Park and Sweden’s and Norway’s southernmost Sami villages. There is a mix of quiet mountains, major piste systems and top class food and accommodation. This is Scandinavian Mountains.

Jonas – and you – have 3.500 acres wilderness available for fishing and hunting with mountain and mountain forests, rivers and lakes. We have exclusive cabins with wood-burning saunas, outdoor jacuzzi and all-inclusive. We can guarantee a unique experience. Three farm hill pasteures is owned by Jonas. One of them, Lindalens Fäbod, has an history back to 1734. The very same year the world famouse swedish botanist Carl von Linné visiting the area. Lindalens Fäbod can only be reached by foot, skies or snowmobile. There is possibilities to have a three course dinner at Lindalens Fäbod.

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