Ptarmigan hunt

Ptarmigan hunt – With Pointing bird dogs

Jonas I Sälen offers an traditional hunt with special trained Pointing bird dogs, in the Scandinavian Mountains.

Skriv lite om boendet och jaktmarken

Rip hunt, Ptarmigan, Pointing bird dogs, hunt, hunting, Scandinavian MountainsScandinavian Mountains, Rip hunt, Ripa, hunting, Scandinavian Mountains

Day 1:
Shooting range
Dinner and briefing regarding the hunt

Scandinavian Mountains, Rip hunt, Ripa, Jonas hunting experienceScandinavian Mountains, Exclusive cabins, Gattar, Jonas i Sälen

Day 2-3:
Car transfer
Outdoor lunch coffee and bread
Car transfer back to the camp
Dinner at camp

Travel facts & Booking request

Pointing bird dogs, Scandinavian Mountains, Jonas hunting experienceScandinavian Mountains, Rip hunt, Jonas hunting experience

Jonas hunting experience, Jonas i Sälen

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